FORT Development Sp. z o.o.

FORT Development Sp. z o. o. is a family-run real-estate company oriented towards multi-family property development projects of both intimate and modern nature. The founders of the company and individuals responsible for the realization of the projects have considerable experience in the real-estate development industry and are fully familiar with the character and requirements of this business.

FORT Development started its business activity in 2005. It has since been developing and implementing more modern projects, which earn recognition and raise interest among new customers.

Fort Development Sp. z o.o.

Our projects are considerably smaller than most of currently built multi-story residential properties. Therefore, we are able to adopt an individual approach to our customers and their needs. The intimate nature of our developments allows us to set flexible dates and coordinate payments with our customers as well as to ensure the residents a sense of intimacy and privacy.

Organizational structure

FORT Group includes FORT Development Sp. z o.o. and FORT Budownictwo Sp. z o.o. The group incorporates special purpose vehicles. The shareholders are:


FORT Development

Management Board

Tomasz Jankowski
Tomasz Jankowski

Chairman of the Management Board

Tomasz Jankowski
Maria Borsuk-Jankowska

Member of the Management Board


Tomasz Jankowski
Łukasz Witkowski

Site manager,
Member of the Management Board of FORT Budownictwo

Tomasz Jankowski
Agnieszka Romaniuk-Osowska

Construction Manager

Tomasz Jankowski
Dariusz Brzostowski

Construction Manager

Customer service

Tomasz Jankowski
Ewa Jankowska

Head Specialist in Sales and Marketing

Tomasz Jankowski
Piotr Jankowski

Head Specialist in Sales and Customer Service

Our values

Działalność charytatywna


The management board and the employees of FORT Development always remember about the ones in need. For this reason, we support different kinds of institutions both professionally and privately. In the first place, we try to support those who need our help the most – individuals assisted by foundations. In addition, we support institutions like schools and kindergartens.

We've helped:
Fundacja Hospicjum Onkologiczne
Fundacja Stonoga


We are aware of the importance of compliance with ecological standards and environmental protection measures. We believe it is crucial to implement them in every single building because we know how environmentally-aware our customers are.

FORT Development does its best not to fall short of their expectations in this matter. We implement our projects providing solutions which reduce the impact of the residents’ everyday life on the environment. Thanks to innovative solutions, we make it possible to fully benefit from natural resources, such as rain or sunlight.

Our development Krasińskiego 41 fully reflects our attitude towards the environment. The adopted solutions include renewable energy and the energy control systems. They will result in the better quality of life among the residents of the building and a measurable decrease in the negative impact on the environment as well as reduced energy consumption.

„Our values comprise moral principles which are applied in FORT Development’s growth strategies. Our mission is to develop the company through honesty and mutual respect. We strive for excellence by constantly investing in our staff’s development and new technologies and equipment.

We learn from our experience and put this knowledge into practice. The tasks we take on are realistic and measurable. We act with passion and suggest creative solutions.

Our company builds mutual relationships with partners, which are beneficial to both sides involved. We give our customers more than they expect. We establish honest and loyal relationships with our suppliers and colleagues.

We speak well of our company and we do it with pride.”

Tomasz Jankowski
Chairman of the Management Board

Tomasz Jankowski